Alan Davies Signature Collection of Brushes



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  • £99.17

  • Alan Davies Unique All-Rounder - a brilliant rubber brush that removes all hair from cloths, rugs, numnahs.
  • Alan Davies Mr. Flicky - flicker brush to remove residue of dust, shavings from the coat, mane or tail.
  • Alan Davies Polisher - Polishing brush that removes final dust, makes the horses shiny!
  • Alan Davies Face Brush - small brush that has very soft but effective natural horse hair bristles. Horses love it!
  • Alan Davies Quarter Marker - have you dreamt of quarter marks like Valegro? Now it is possible .....
  • Alan Davies Stud brush - hoofpick designed to clean the stud holes and properly clean frogs.
  • Alan Davies Mr. Glossy - Very soft long natural hair to make your horse the shiniest possible
  • Alan Davies Curry Comb
  • Alan Davies Grooming Bag
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