Samshield W Skin Winter Gloves

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These highly technical and super durable W-Skin gloves from Samshield are made of 5 different high performance materials:
* 1st layer: Goatskin leather: provides the best ratio of comfort, durability, wind stopping, water resistance and elegance
* 2nd layer: Thinsulate(R): breathable and moisture resistant synthetic microfiber which insulates by trapping cold outside air molecules
* 3rd layer: Micro polarfleece: as warm as wool but softer, lighter, and easier to wash. Hydrophobic for improved sweat control
* Palm: Strong Suede fabric base fingerprinted with real silicone offers exceptional added grip, hand-to-horse connection, flexibility as well as extreme durability
* Strong windproof mesh provides flexibility for excellent comfort.
Size: 6.5


Color: Black