WHIS Heated Stepped Jacket Coach - UNISEX - Please buy powerbank separately

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The Coach jackets are perfectly suited for colder days and wintry conditions. With these jackets you decide how warm you will get. With a push of the integrated button in your jacket you activate the heating elements at the back and the jacket pockets at the front. Then determine the desired temperature using the accompanying app on your phone. The heating elements are controlled by a power bank with USB connection (not included) in an inner pocket.

The temperature of the heating elements can be controlled in two ways: via the button on the jacket and via the I Warm app. When you turn on the button, it lights up blue and the temperature is at the coolest setting. If you press the button again, the button will turn orange and the temperature will be at the "medium” position. Press the button again for the warmest setting. The button will then turn red.

Via the app it is possible to regulate the temperature even more specifically. When the button on the jacket is lit, it is possible to connect the app and the jacket via bluetooth.

• Heating element at the back and in both front pockets
• Metal key holder with hair elastic attached in inner pocket
• Ribbed cuffs
• Inner pocket with zipper especially for the power bank (not included)
• Inner pocket for your WHIS device with a rubber opening to pull the thread of your WHIS device through
• Bottom adjustable with an elastic cord
• Unisex model. Please consult the size chart for the right size

Size: 44 XSmall