Nathe by Sprenger - new launch 2024!

Nathe by Sprenger - new launch 2024!
Nathe bits by Sprenger are ideal for horses who struggle with a sensitive mouth, find it difficult to accept the bit or you're just looking for that more gentle bit. Our extensive range of Nathe bits available to purchase on our website ensures that you'll find the right bit for your horse. 
Sprenger and Nathe...
Sprenger has been responsible for the worldwide distribution of Nathe bits since January 2020. Through the partnership of two quality German brands the high quality products of Nathe are further optimised in quality, functionality and design.

An introduction to their bits...
Nathe bits have been specially designed to foster the acceptance of the bit. The innovative design of their bits means they are soft and extremely gentle on the horses mouth. A few of their bits such as the Loose Ring Sensogan middle link Snaffle and the Loose ring with flexible copper middle link Snaffle promote the chewing action which produces saliva - perfect for young horses! The joints angled forwards by 45 degrees guarantees an even distribution of pressure on both tongue sides, ensuring the bit sits as comfortable as possible inside the horses mouth. Made from high quality thermoplastic, Nathe bits are not only anti-allergenic, but also temperature resistant and dimensionally stable. So no need to worry about the temperature of your bit on those icy days!

 Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle with Sensogan middle link 

 Loose Ring Snaffle with flexible copper middle link 


Nathe have designed bits available with three different degrees of hardness so you can choose between a soft, normal or hard plastic dependant on what you're looking for. The Nathe Mullen Mouth which we sell online has this unique feature.


 NEW Labelling has been added on the single and double jointed bits, this ensures the horse is wearing the bit correctly so that it is comfortable in their mouth. To check your horse is wearing their Nathe bit correctly the arrow should point forward on the left hand side. 

So if you're on the search for a gentle bit which is comfortable in the horses mouth, check out our full range of Nathe bits online now!

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