Mattes - Simply the Best

Mattes - Simply the Best

Saddle half pads are a controversial subject!  We know why we want them but our saddlers try to discourage products that change the fit of the saddle and may cause instability.  Our relationship with Mattes has been over 20 years and they are truly the best sheepskin product on the market.  Copied numerous times but never equalled.

Our horses can be sensitive over the back.  Or they can drop weight.  It is a proven fact that horses change at least one saddle size between their chubby summer grassy physique and their lean mean winter body.  So why not help compensate?  We've always felt that using the natural product of an animal is our first choice.

Mattes sheepskin is sourced from the finest product in Australia - the only company in the Equestrian market to use only the very top quality hides on a consistent basis.

Our Number 1 selling product.  The sheepskin half pad.  Choose from almost any colour material and sheepskin.  The possibilities are (almost!) endless.   Available in 4 sizes and 3 cuts - SJ, GP and Dressage.  All have the spine free gullet in the sheepskin.  And if you need an extra wide gullet just ask!

Click here for link to Mattes Configurator

Have you heard of Saddle Fix?  Mattes Saddle Fix is a simple system designed to ensure that your saddle pad says exactly where it should, with connections to the front and rear this will avoid any sliding of the saddlepad.  When included with a saddle pad purchase, it only adds £10 to the cost.

All saddlepads and half pads can also come with the two or four pocket correction system.  Six shims come with your purchase and you can buy more separately.

Or if you want an alternative to the shims, Mattes half pads can come with an integrated rear riser 

One of our favourite features of the new Mattes website is their configurator This sheepskin half lined dressage saddlepad has front and rear trim.  We chose Upper Material - Blackberry
Sheepskin - Rose - Half lined with front and rear trim
Binding - Raspberry
Piping - Violet
Velcro straps - Burgundy

And guess what - you even get to select from 5 different colours of horse so you can be absolutely sure that you are choosing a beautiful and fitting garment to colour coordinate with your dream horse!



On the subject of Girths you may like to read the principles of why you have four shapes to choose from.  You know that every bit of knowledge helps!

As with the saddlepads, you can get to choose from over 30 sheepskin and cotton colours.  And build the look on the Mattes configurator as well.


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