What you might not know about Team GB Dressage Horses!

What you might not know about Team GB Dressage Horses!

Isn't it interesting finding out little-known facts about some of our top horses - especially the ones representing us at the biggest competition in the world!  Tokyo 2020 or shall we say 2021?

Let's start with Carl Hester, who generously said in his H&H column last week "Consider it done Dane (Rawlins) - I'll be riding for you too."  This followed the decision of Sport Horse Ireland not to send the qualified team to Tokyo

Moving on.  Did you know that Carl Hester rode the 4yo stallion Everdale at the Dutch Licencing in 2014?  In his own words he thought he might be "eating some dutch dirt" during his lively ride!  And here's the proof

So moving on to Lottie Fry - the brightest up-coming team rider.  Lottie want to Anne Van Olst in her teens - because of the close relationship Anne had with Carl.  

On a visit to Lottie and Anne during the European Championships 2019 Lottie so generously spent time with Ruby Hughes and she even got to have vaulting practice on the legend that is Lord Leatherdale  (Who is now a schoolmaster for Izzy Lickley!)

Gareth Hughes rides the talented Sintano Van Hof Olympia.  Did you know that he owns this horse with List 1 Dressage Judge Judy Firmston-Williams.  Judy had a soft spot for mares until Rebecca Hughes told her that she had tried this mega gelding in Holland that had International Grand Prix tattooed all over him!!  Rebecca has known Judy for nearly 30 years so it was just fabulous to find that horse that is now in the International spotlight

And finally last but of course not least in Charlotte Dujardin with Gio - nicknamed Pumpkin because he is so 'round and orange'.  Charlotte bought this little stunner while she was running a clinic in the USA.  Gio was being ridden by his then owner Amelie Kovac.  Charlotte fell in love immediately and took the horse home with her!  As reported by The Chronicles of the Horse - picture from Amelia Kovac.  Gio is now co-owned with New Zealand Renai Hart

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post as much as we have enjoyed putting it together

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