Catago Fir-Tech Pro back warmer

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The Fir-Tech pro back warmer is recommended to use before training to prepare the horse's back, so that muscles and tendons are supple before the training starts. After training, the back heat can be used again to help the muscles relax and recover.The back warmer is easy to mount on the horse with the two velcro straps provided. The straps are covered with velcro along the entire length, so the back warmer can be used on horses and ponies of all sizes.TECHNOLOGY CATAGO’s FIR-Tech Pro products work with Active Carbon fibers and are particularly suitable for use with tendons, joints and muscles. The purpose is to stimulate and promote the self-healing processes, that are always present within the body. It has been shown, that the effects of Active Longwave Infrared Radiation significantly help to increase the blood flow and reduce tension in muscles. These relaxing properties of Active Long-Wave Infrared Radiation makes the FIR-Tech pro products very suitable to be used for sport, wellness and relaxation. RECOMENDED USE In just a few minutes, the Active Infrared unit reaches its core temperature and provides constant Long-Wave Infrared Heat which are very pleasant, comforting and relaxing for muscles and the connective tissue. The device has an integrated button and the Active Infrared Heat can be adjusted in 3 levels to ensure the most convenient experience. It can be used before or after any strain is placed on the tissue in order to achieve regeneration. - Preparation before riding ”pre-heating” the tissue: High level (RED) 15 - 20 minutes