Fairfax Dressage Girth (narrow)

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The Fairfax performance girth has taken the Equestrian market by storm.   It is the only girth that has been tested during its development in conjunction with the BEF world class programme.

The girth is lined with Prolite® which is known for its ability to distribute pressure, absorb impact and prevent rubbing. 

The new construction of the Prolite® allows its edge to "float" so that the horse's muscles can move freely rather than bang against it. 

The girth increases the horse's performance by:
Dramatically reducing pressure
Significantly increasing the range of
Eliminating gait asymmetry
The combination of the contour, Prolite® and cushioning creates a buffer zone which prevents the "hard" edge.

The styling of the girth:

Reduces peak pressure
Lowers maximum forces
Increases knee and hock flexion
Improves gait symmetry

Size: 22" - 55cm


Color: Black