Fairfax Snaffle Bridle - Drop

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Now the noseband is available in a smaller pony size - please let us know if you need this.

The FAIRFAX Performance Bridle is the revolutionary bridle design.

This bridle has been scientifically designed to maximise your horse’s performance and to give the best comfort for the horse.

This unique designed bridle is based on scientific research to provide maximum comfort for the horse. Every bridle is hand stitched and made in Walsall, England for the best quality. Available with a plain leather browband or you can choose one of the Swarovski crystal or pearl decorative browbands. The buckles and metal work are high quality. The bridle is made from first selection Sedgwick’s bridle leather which is outstanding quality. The bridle is fully lined with the Prolite® material which is proven to disperse pressure. For sizing information please email or call for help.

 It is extremely important to have a correctly fitting bridle.  Ideally you should bring your horse to us at our Warwickshire base so that we can fit your bridle for you.  Failing that, we are happy to help you remotely - we will ask you for measurements and when we send you a bridle, we might ask for photographs or film of the fit, so that we can exchange any pieces of the bridle that might need to be a different size.  Either way we'll make sure you get the optimum fit and service!  Your point of contact here at Classic is marsha@classicdressage.com