Uvex Ventraxion Glove

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Uvex Ventraxion Glove has its innovative 4D-stretch combination, the Uvex Ventraxion sets new standards in terms of flexibility.

Even long finger nails, which often used to stretch riding gloves to their limits, will no longer be a problem. The new glove adapts to the hand like a second skin, stretching in all directions.

The flexible and breathable material providing for this adaptability has the additional asset of providing for an optimal air circulation, which makes the uvex ventraxion the ideal riding glove for all seasons.

The optimal grip required by the rider is provided by the new soft-touch material, which also makes the uvex ventraxion very soft and comfortable to wear.

Like all uvex riding gloves, the uvex ventraxion is suitable for touchscreens and washable.

Colour: Black


Size: 5-6