WHIS Wireless Headset - Rider unit only

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This wireless 'in ear' earpiece with an extra bracket for behind the ear is compatible with the transmitter of the WHIS Competition and has a listening function. The wireless earpiece completely replaces the device that the rider has on the belt. The light and compact model has a long battery life of 8 hours and is equipped with automatic channel selection which provides extra convenience. This new wireless earpiece also has the WHIS privacy technology, which provides a shielded private connection with the instructor and cannot be monitored.Thanks to the flexible ear hook, the earpiece can be used in both the left and right ear. Because the ear is in ear, the ear is more suitable for personal use. The WHIS Wireless Edition is very easy to use, after connecting to a WHIS Competition channel, the device only needs to be switched on. The range of the WHIS Wireless Edition is guaranteed in practice up to 200 meters and provided with a replaceable battery. The wireless earpiece can be connected to your WHIS Competiton set.